Church Statement

Our aim is, to preach “preaching the things concerning the kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ” (Acts8:12) and teach the Apostolic Doctrine (Acts2:38).

In Mathew: 28 vs.19 Jesus commanded His disciples and they executed it in Acts: 2vs38. To build and establish the 1st church, Church of the Lord Jesus Christ also Apostolic Pastors fellowship under International Apostolic Pastors’ Federation


Founder and Senior Pastor – APOSTLE BISHOP REUBEN C

Main Church other Asst. Pastor : Asst. Pas. Benjamin, Asst. Pas. Sarah John, Asst. Pas. Philomen Raj and Asst. Pas. Amuldas.


BRANCH CHURCHES – Kothannur, Jambu Savari Dinne branch- Pastor Amuldas,


Sunday Morning Worship 8.30am English service & 10.30am Tamil service.

Sunday Evening 6.30pm Gospel meeting.

Tuesday Evening 6.30pm Bible study Question and answers.

Thursday Evening 6.30pm Bible study.

Saturday Afternoon 1.00pm Fasting prayer.

Night Prayer 10.00pm on 2nd Saturdays and last day of the month.

Communion service 1st and 3rd Sunday evening at 6.30pm.